Body cryolipolysis is a treatment that safely freezes stubborn fat located in the subcutaneous layers. It will help us to deal with localised fat that persists even with a healthy lifestyle. Cryolipolysis suctions the skin and crystallises the fat deposits, without damaging the surrounding tissues or nerve regions. The fat cells crystallised by the cold are then eliminated by our metabolism in a natural way.

What is the advantage of body cryolipolysis?

Non-invasive fat removal from the chin to the knees, thanks to a wide range of applicators. A body remodelling experience without undergoing surgery.

Can I have additional treatments after the first session?

Depending on the thickness of the treated area the specialist may recommend additional treatments 4-6 weeks after your first session. In addition, you can also receive massage therapy to stimulate circulation. It will always depend on the needs of the individual patient.

Is cryolipolysis suitable for me?

It is indicated for those who have localised fat in the abdomen, flanks, hips, waist or chin and who, even if they lead a healthy lifestyle, this fat persists.


Applications. Abdomen, flanks, double chin, arms and bra fold.

Number of sessions: From one to three sessions, depending on each patient’s needs.

Treatment duration: around 45 minutes per area.

Pain. You may feel a little discomfort.

Time to perform the treatment: Avoid summer.

Recovery: no downtime.

Results: visible after 1,5-2 months.

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