What is botox?

It is a purified natural protein used to relax and decrease muscle strength to improve and beautify in the needed areas. It is performed by injecting a very thin needle into the muscle using a very low dose of botulinum toxin. It is eliminated by the kidneys and does not accumulate for many years.

Where will it be applied?

A- The most common areas are fine lines on our face, especially between the eyebrows, the forehead and around the eyes –“crow’s feet”-, combating expression or dynamic wrinkles on our face.

B- Botox is also used to treat bruxism caused by hypertrophy and hypertonia of the masseter muscles, causing pain and alteration in facial morphology.

C- We can also treat hyperhidrosis in the armpits, palms of the hands and feet or at the facial-capillary level, reducing or eliminating excess sweating.

Where to apply: face, chin, neck, masseters (bruxism).

Duration of procedure: around 20 minutes.

Recovery: does not require recovery time.

Pain: almost painless, does not require anesthesia.

Visibility of improvement: after 3-5 days it starts to work and during the first fifteen days fine lines get gradually softenedeliminated.

Number of sessions required: results are visible from the first session and will be repeated according to the patient’s needs.

Post treatment tips:

Avoid extreme sport in 24 hours. Do not use sauna in 24 hours.

Do not massage the area in the next 6 hours.

Do not sleep on your stomach in the next 4 hours.

Do not wear a motorcycle helmet in the next 6 hours. You can sunbathe with sun protection.

Combination with other treatments: can be combined in the same session with hyaluronic acid fillers or collagen precursors, mesotherapy, P.R.P. and Laser or I.P.L.

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