Threads are made of PDO, a 100% biocompatible material, being naturally reabsorbable by our body. There are different types of threads, although mainly we can distinguish two: monofilaments for dermorestructuring and spiculate-cones that are used for anti-sagging treatments and facial contour remodeling.

The main function of the threads is to make the body synthesize its own collagen to regenerate and reposition the tissues giving elasticity and firmness in the areas where they are applied.

Sessions: one or two.

Recovery: a bruise may appear, but the recovery is fast. No downtime is required.

Where it will be applied: face and neck.

Procedure duration: 30 minutes.

Anesthesia: small injection of local anaesthetic at entry points (2 to 4).

Time to perform the treatment: anytime.

Post-treatment advice: sun protection, do not open your mouth significantly, exercise moderately, do not manipulate your face vigorously.

Combination with other treatments: it is compatible with the rest of the treatments performed at Delarra Clinic.

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