The Medical Chemical Peel is a facial rejuvenation procedure, a series of chemical products (solution) are applied with the aim of inducing exfoliation and therefore eliminating the damaged upper layers. Removing superficial skin cells.

It is useful for improving sun damage to the skin (photoaging), attenuating scars, controlling acne and eliminating blemishes.


Applications: Spot removal, wrinkle attenuation and acne control.

Recovery: Depending on the potency, we will have to follow a specific routine the days after the treatment. (Moisturising, sun protection,…)

How many sessions: 3 sessions, one per month. This will depend on the needs of the skin and the medical team.

Duration of treatment: 40 minutes.

Pain: Minimal discomfort.

Time to perform treatment: it should be carried out during the winter months (not in summer).

Post-treatment advice: Avoid sun and heat.

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