Cosmetic Medicine

Dr. José Luis García Miranda de Larra (Pipo)

Dr. José Luis García Miranda de Larra (Pipo), Radiologist and Aesthetic Doctor, is the driving force behind the Delarra Clinic project. His area of activity is Aesthetic Medicine in all its variants, including facial, body, hair, and nutritional medicine.

His extensive knowledge of both, radiography and aesthetic medicine, has made him a national reference in facial ultrasound applied to rejuvenation procedures, providing efficacy and safety in the treatments carried out at Delarra Clinic. However, if Dr. Pipo García Miranda de Larra is known and recognised for something, it is for his outstanding human quality and care of patients.

At Delarra Cosmetic Medicine, we have invested most of our effort in equipping ourselves with the best technology and having unique facilities in the Valencian Community, in a privileged setting in the Marina Alta such as La Sella Resort, thus providing our patients with the most avant-garde and contrasting treatments.

In facial rejuvenation we offer all types of premium hyaluronic acids, Botox, tensor threads, collagen precursors, peeling, and treatments with the latest technology such as Aquapure, Medical IPL, different types of radiofrequency, and Laser.

In terms of hair treatments, we carry out everything necessary to recover hair with techniques such as mesotherapy with different medications and PRP in a closed circuit.

We are proud to have a medical team experienced in hair transplant with one of the most prestigious doctors in Europe, without having to leave the Valencian Community.

In Aesthetic Body Medicine, we have the most avant-garde technology such as 360º Cryolipolysis, fractionated and superficial medical radiofrequency, pressotherapy, and Frax 1550 non-ablative laser. But once again, the most important thing at Delarra is not the modernity or sophistication of our treatments, but the exquisite attention to our patients.

The soul of Delarra Clinic cannot be understood without its human component, which Dr. Pipo García Miranda de Larra is responsible for carrying out such a project:

-Dr. Cosín, interventional radiologist, vascular surgeon, friend, brother, and colleague.

Enrique Sempere, economist with more than 25 years experience in the management of health clinics. He is responsible for ensuring that nothing fails.

-Elisa and Gaëlle, who are in charge of the technical-aesthetic and administrative side of the clinic, are a vital cog in the wheel so that everything runs smoothly and everyone is at ease at Delarra.